The humble idea from 1917

A humble idea that was dreamt up in 1917, created a model that is envied by many yet successfully duplicated by few. The ubiquitous girl scout cookie is something that virtually everyone has heard of.


Created to help fund troop activities, it also gave the girls sales experience, courage and confidence. It gave the buyers not only a good feeling for helping out, but also a tasty treat.


Enter Fresh Pressed Coffee. An initiative created to give some of the profit of one of the world’s favorite beverages back in to the community. Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee every day. Just imagine if a small portion of the profits of that coffee was filtered back to the growers, or a local cause of some kind.


That is the plan. The girl scouts have been doing it for more than 100 years, so why not coffee? Growers, who supply us with the raw product, are notoriously underpaid. When they have such an important product, does it not make sense to give them incentives for all that hard work?


And it doesn’t stop there. Fresh Pressed Coffee aims to be the main cog in a wheel which will include funding for a variety of local causes. From making sure that kids can afford a musical instrument to support dogs for veterans. The list is long and gets longer every day.


But the best thing is, it will be the end consumer that dictates where these profits will be shared. Imagine how much better that cup of coffee will taste, knowing that someone out there is feeling the love.

Chocolate Cookies

Coffee is in our blood.

What can one solitary caffeinated person really do?


Plenty, actually.


Our idea is very simple, as many of the best ideas tend to be: Every time you order a bag of Fresh Pressed Coffee you are pouring the love along to our Impact Partners.


We at Fresh Pressed Coffee are on a Mission of 1 Million Bags.


Sipping responsibly goes beyond your sugar choices or knowing the origin of your beans: it is choosing a cause that is near and dear to your heart and knowing that with every cuppa joe, you are giving back to the community...and love to the world!