Restock your favorite fresh roasted single origin coffees sourced by Fresh Pressed Coffee Company from one of our exclusive farms.  Guaranteed enjoyment and satisfaction in knowing that our committed impact matters from each farm to you.


Fresh Pressed Coffee Company viably sources each of our farms from around the globe to ensure practices are above all standards in the coffee industry.  That means:  our coffee is produced with environmentally viable practices, better than organic and rainforest alliance, and we pay up 100% more than the current market rate ensuring that each coffee we source is not only sustainable, it is completely viable for the growth of the local farming communities and the coffee we enjoy daily!


Each of our partner roasters located throughout the United States are evaluated for Viability and have ensured that their practices meet our standards of commitment.  Once purchased, your order will be fresh roasted and shipped from your nearest coffee roaster partner to guarantee a long-lasting relationship is maintained, while impacting the communities that matter to you for a stronger tomorrow!


Have a favorite roaster that you think would be a fit for our program?  Send us a message with contact info and we will work our best to schedule an evaluation.


In the meantime, enjoy the only viably sourced coffee on the planet exclusively by Fresh Pressed Coffee Company each sip...or share it as a gift/present!  Make your impact and every drop matter today.

Medium Roast