What kind of coffee are you?

Is there an afterlife? Is our universe real? All questions philosophers have debated for millennia. Forget tea leaves and reading your astrological stars. Coffee knows all, and we love it for that and more; let us count the ways...

Without further ado, Take the Quiz. Be kind, share the (coffee) love!

Knowing the coffee you are and who you wish to be goes a long way towards knowing yourself a little bit more and making apt decisions---Or else, at the very least, it elicits a laugh!

It will take you just a few minutes.

So many questions, so little time

But one question overshadows all these: What coffee am I?

Well, we thought it was high time someone took responsibility and answered that question once and for all.

We drafted in a team of philosophers, physicists and baristas and set them to work. After many long hours of math jokes**, infighting and coffee drinking, a complex algorithm was settled upon. The tests were positive and we’re delighted to be able to present you with the findings today.

This Quiz tells all. ... ... #coffeequiz #presson #incoffeewetrust #coffeetribe

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