Seeking you who adores coffee

Get a chance to win freshly roasted coffee for a year with every #mycoffeecreation post

Let's just get to the point. We want photos of your coffee creation. Ok, maybe your perfect masterpiece of a photo doesn't quite go in your wallet, with the family photos. Perhaps it doesn't belong on the mantle next to the trophies (and other family photos)...

If you love coffee as much as we do, and you have beautiful photos of a pour over coffee blooming, or the head of an espresso oozing out of a machine, or just anything you think is gorgeous and it's COFFEE, we get you. Totally.

Share them in or post them in Instagram or Facebook, tag @freshpressedcoffee or in Twitter tag @freshpressed_ - In each and every post make sure to hashtag #mycoffeecreation We have a particular set of skills and we will find you!

The giveaway is super simple. Post a picture or video of your coffee creation at home, whatever it may be! Tag us, use the hashtag. Winners announced on our page and all the usual places on Halloween!

Add #indiecoffee #coffeetribe and #epiccoffee if so inclined (just don't forget to tag us, whichever hashtag rocks your boat)

PS - Care about your local coffee shop? There's something for them here as well. Every week #RockstarRoasters get their notoriety celebrated on and several Impact Partners' websites. Share your local go-to.

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