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Our shared adventure

The coffee we love speaks of
its origin and elevation.

Much like trees and wine, coffee develops a unique personality based on its location and soil content. Much like a person, each profile can be refined by better, deeper growth.

We are, each of us, planted and raised to make an impact. We at Fresh Pressed Coffee love fostering 
growth. We have a feeling that you are here today because you feel elevation is more than possible. Let's begin crafting our origin story.

Coffee Commitment

Fresh Pressed
Coffee Crush

Perhaps you’ve heard about the power of sustainably sourced coffee, and how this can be used to support causes we could fall in love with..  Maybe you’re crushing on the idea of being part of a tribe that uses coffee as the best kind of currency there is!

You need more, we get it. Let’s get to know each other first, Ask for more info  and one of our Coffee Coaches will get you on the right path. 

 Fresh Pressed
Coffee Kiss

As crushes go, they can escalate.  You may now KNOW you can make an impact on this world  just by being part of something bigger!  You now imagine Future YOU: you’ve got a purpose. There’s a cause that makes you eager for tomorrow. 


But—oh, darn—it needs funding. You’ve engaged with our social media, and our Coffee Tribe News. Let’s see what we can do together and take our relationship to the next level.  

Fresh Pressed 
Coffee Love

The time for mere flings are over. As you already know, we're not like everyone else. We want stability and are committed to consistency and quality at every relationship level.  You have shown good faith in us by taking the next step.  All we need now is a commitment to impact the ecosystem that assists every one from the farm to the corporate world.


You truly get it, let’s take the plunge and create change that starts with our story together!

Better Coffee for a Better World

Life is too short for bad coffee. But let's not allow the story to stop there. Sipping responsibly goes beyond your sugar choices or knowing the origin of your beans.

In choosing a cause to fall in love with, you are giving back to the community...and giving love to the world with every cuppa Joe.