About Us

Our origins started local to you.  Our brand was established in 2018 with Farmer's Markets where our beans began impacting communities with over 9,000 locations across the United States by 2019. Fresh Pressed Coffee beans were at the heart of your local YMCA raising $10,000 by 2020.

Our origin story had begun, however, many years prior; with a passion for excellence toward quality and commitment to every level of community. Beyond its much loved entity as just coffee, it's far from being JUST that...our 'simple' product is currency of the kindest type:  with the simple power of  brewing creatively for a worthy cause, it is an opportunity to impact every level for a bolder tomorrow.

Through each community, Fresh Pressed Coffee Company has opportunities to host and hold growth events by affording every business a model in establishing a larger impact locally and globally. We start with sourcing local Farm Direct Fresh Coffee from all over the world, not just one estate; to sourcing local opportunities to help businesses and organizations make a larger impact.

Press On!

Image by Alex

Coffee is in our blood.

What can one solitary caffeinated person really do?


Plenty, actually.


Our idea is very simple, as many of the best ideas tend to be: Every time you order Fresh Pressed Coffee beans, you are pouring the love along to our Impact Partners.


We at Fresh Pressed Coffee are on a Mission of 1 Million Bags.


Sipping responsibly goes beyond your sugar choices or knowing the origin of your beans: it is choosing a cause that is near and dear to your heart and knowing that with every cuppa joe, you are giving back to the community...and love to the world!