Coffee Drop & A Dream

Ever dream about something bigger than yourself or your capabilities?

Perhaps found yourself in a place or time where you know you wanted to make a difference but didn't know how.

I was there a few years back.

Starting at the local farmer's market to participating in every chamber of commerce meeting with free coffee samples for marketing, trying every which way to get the word out.

Created the various social media pages, paid for advertisements online and in local papers. And sales stayed the same.

Then I tried something different.

I went to a local event just as a participant.

As the speaker was giving their presentation, I perked up. It was about coffee!

I watched and actively listened, then waited for my opportunity.

Within moments, I was able to take my business from local to national on a whole different level.

That moment stretched out over the next year, landing my top two coffee beans in over 5,000 locations across the United States.

Also landed me in Las Vegas for that corporations' convention sharing my passion and coffees with all the franchise owners.

My passion and dedication to find the absolute best qualities in all I am part of, enables all I do especially when I get to fuel up with the best coffee I have ever had!

I can help your brand/store achieve your best result to date!

Image by Alex

Coffee is in our blood.

It's not really about the coffee!

Each community has a reason for their being and a purpose with passion that may or may not still be there.


Many struggle to keep going each year due to an increasing bottom line and lack of involvement within their local area(s).

What I was able to do with my coffee, and continue to do for every business in my select group is open up similar opportunities for growth and expansion in each of their demographic segments.

It's about the passion each of you have, or had at one point when you started.

Maybe it's not quite what you wanted in the first place or it evolved into something else.

I need you to believe that you have every opportunity to reach your industry giants, like I did, and either join or even take a bite of their pie!

From restaurants to cafes and card shops to service providers in insurance or real estate. I have taken several of my community members in these markets from barely making it to being the top in their local industry.

The real driving force, besides your passion, is action!

If you want to take that next step, you can't wait for someone else to make it for you.

I need to see your passion in action, with the steps we create together.

Logical and reasonable steps that will lower your bottom line and increase community engagement!

This is critical for your dream to become the reality you wanted since the beginning!

Share your passion and story with me, and let's see if we can even work together toward a larger impact in your community!

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Press On!